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Using PySide's built-in widgets to build your applications

First steps with Qt Designer

Use Qt Designer's drag and drop interface to design your GUI

Packaging PyQt5 applications for Windows, with PyInstaller

Turn your Qt5 application into a distributable installer for Windows

The ModelView Architecture

Qt's MVC-like interface for displaying data in views

Displaying tabular data in Qt5 ModelViews

Create customized table views with conditional formatting, numpy and pandas data sources.

Creating searchable widget dashboards

Make dashboard UIs easier to use with widget search & text prediction

Plotting with Matplotlib

Create PyQt5 plots with the popular Python plotting library

Laying Out Your GUIs With Qt Designer

Use Qt Designer to effortlessly build your application UI

Add scrollable regions with QScrollArea

Run out of space in your GUI? Add a scrollable region to your application
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