1-on-1 Mentoring

“Level-up with 1-on-1 mentoring”

Rates for 1-on-1 mentoring are $195/hr. Discounts are available when booking multiple hours in advance.

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Availability is limited. Please check my calendar using the booking link to confirm a slot.

It happens to us all... You start a project but get stuck with an insurmountable problem. Or the code gets out of control and you don't know how to put it right. Or you just can't seem to make sense of some library or widget.

I can help... I've been using PyQt for 8 years and have faced and fixed the exact same problems you're having now. I can help you get back on track!

With live 1-on-1 help you get —

  • Customized help & mentoring tailored to your needs
  • Suggestions for code bugfixes & improvements
  • Suggestions and tips to expand your knowledge
  • Follow up pull-request or zip with code
  • You own all code no licensing

What you get

Solid foundations for a professional app

Working with your code I'll identify issues and suggest fixes. These can range from bugs and usability to architecture and maintainability. Focus is tailored to your project.

You own any resulting code, supplied as a pull request for review.

Making sure you understand

It's not helpful to dump fixed code on you, you need to understand it.

For any changes you'll receive in-depth comments and post-review discussion ensuring that you understand the changes and can apply them yourself in your future projects.

You'll receive step-by-step instructions to get your code set up for review and I'm available for any questions.

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