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Love doing interesting things with Python and helping others learn how to do it themselves? Me too, we should work together!

What can I write?

Whether you want to write complete tutorials, share Python tips or create walk-throughs of how to build cool things, I'd love to hear from you. We can also collaborate on new books, courses or kits -- anything you think will help people creating GUIs with Python.

What's in it for you?

Writing is difficult, writing well even more so. It's important to us to make it worth your while to contribute & to support you to make sure you enjoy doing it.

That means, currently --

  • $50 up front payment for each article
  • a 50% share for any books or courses bought within 30 days of landing on articles you've written
  • Help editing and proofing your articles to make them as good as they can be -- English not your first language? Don't worry, we got this!
  • Suggested article ideas and guidance on popular subjects which will be a success

The author share remains in place forever, meaning your articles will continue to earn you income long after you've written them. If you write particularly popular articles you can build a decent residual income.

Writing Process

The writing process is collaborative. We work with you from the initial draft, suggesting improvements and edits to produce an article we can all be proud of. The editing process happens in markdown using HackMD, an online collaborative editor. You can of course use other tools locally to make your own drafts, and work as you want.

  1. Topic selection -- first we'll help you select a good topic based on your existing expertise and what articles are likely to do well on the site. This is always a balance between writing something you enjoy and writing something which will reward your efforts. We're relatively open-minded on GUI programming topics, including different libraries and tools, but all articles must be related to Python.
  2. Outline, keyphrase, keywords -- we'll do some initial research to produce a good keyphrase, keywords and a basic outline of the article. You can use this basic to build your article, ensuring that it stays focused and on-target.
  3. Initial draft -- once the topic is selected & an outline is agreed, it is up to you to write the first draft of the article. You can write this in any tool you want, but the result must be uploaded to HackMD onto a provided article so we can begin the editing process together.
  4. Review -- your article will be reviewed by our editing team & you'll receive comments, notes/edits to help improve the article.
  5. Edit -- taking the feedback, you'll go through your article again, making the suggested changes (or, if you disagree, giving us your feedback/ideas). This review/edit process can continue for as long as necessary to get to a final version of the article.
  6. Publishing -- the article will be put live on the website & promoted/syndicated.
  7. Payment -- you'll get your initial payment for the article. The ongoing affiliate revenue will start to come in from the following month.

That's it! Once the article is live you can move onto the next, or take a well-deserved rest.

Make sure you follow our writing style and formatting guidelines. For more information, see our online Style Guide.

Sound good? Contact the editor! We're friendly and happy to answer any questions.