Python GUIs is a project of Martin Fitzpatrick a Python developer based in the Netherlands.

I started developing Python GUIs back during my PhD. Building data analysis pipelines (using Python pandas, numpy and matplotlib) I needed a way to make them easier to use for other people. Building a GUI, where files could be dropping and tools connected visually, was a good way to do that.

Back then, there was far less information available about Python GUIs than there is today, and building anything meant hours of digging through documentation and random forum posts. I started to collect together answers to the problems I faced and wrote them up. Those articles formed the basis of this site.

Eventually I pulled all these articles together into my first book and made it available online. The response was very positive, and I've been updating the book -- extending it, adding new chapters, and lately updating it for Qt6 -- ever since. There are more updates and other books in works!

On this site you can find everything I've written about creating GUIs with Python & Qt.

If you need help on your project, I am available for hire.