PyQt6 is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt. Applications built with PyQt6 will run on any platform supported by Qt & Python including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

Created by Riverbank Computing, PyQt is free software (GPL licensed) and has been in development since 1999. The latest version PyQt6 was released in 2021 and the library continues to be updated.

For a complete guide to desktop application development with Python & PyQt6, see the PyQt6 tutorial and PyQt6 book Create Simple GUI Applications with Python & Qt.

Explore PyQt6

Delay in signal from thread

Published 08.04.2021

Create applications with QtQuick

Build modern applications with declarative QML

QSettings Usage

Published 05.04.2021

Create a Settings window

Published 18.03.2021

How to get the PyQt version number?

Find out which version of PyQt or PySide you're running

What modules are missing from PySide6 & PyQt6?

The Qt extension modules not yet available in Qt 6.1

PyQt6 vs PySide6

What's the difference between the two Python Qt libraries? ...and what's exactly the same (most of it)

PDF Report generator

Generate custom PDF reports using reportlab & pdfrw

About PyQt6 and PySide6

Published 12.02.2021

Displaying tabular data in Qt6 ModelViews

Create customized table views with conditional formatting, numpy and pandas data sources.

Creating searchable widget dashboards

Make dashboard UIs easier to use with widget search & text prediction

Install PyQt6 on Windows

Install PyQt6 on Windows 8, 10 & 11

Laying Out Your PyQt6 GUIs With Qt Designer

Use Qt Designer to effortlessly build your application UI

PyQt vs PySide Licensing

Everything you need to know about LGPL and GPL for your PySide/PyQt applications
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