Missing icons when running Notepad example on Raspberry Pi

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Anonymous asks

The notepad application example runs without problems on my Raspberry Pi. But the menu bar shows no icons. just blank rectangles. They do work if I click on them. What could be the problem?


Open the file notepad.py and go after this:

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
    super(MainWindow, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

add the following lines:

    icon = QIcon(os.path.join('images', 'blue-flolder-open-document.png'))
    print("availableSizes:", icon.availableSizes())

the output on the terminal should be:

 availableSizes: [PyQt5.QtCore.QSize(16, 16)]

if it is different, for example:

availableSizes: []

try to replace all the occurrences of:




where path is the absolute path of your images folder for example:

path = '/home/USER_NAME/notepad/forum/images'

if the notepad folder is in the USER_NAME folder.

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Missing icons when running Notepad example on Raspberry Pi was written by Martin Fitzpatrick .

Martin Fitzpatrick has been developing Python/Qt apps for 8 years. Building desktop applications to make data-analysis tools more user-friendly, Python was the obvious choice. Starting with Tk, later moving to wxWidgets and finally adopting PyQt.