Howto disable webrtc webview for pyqt5

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Maria_Medina | 2020-11-27 22:40:32 UTC | #1

please tell me how can I turn off WebRTC on pyqt5 through webview

martin | 2020-12-04 20:13:54 UTC | #2

Hi @Maria_Medina

The way these things are usually controlled is through web settings, e.g.

python<setting>, <value>) 

The only thing I can find related to WebRTC in Qt's browser is on this page


...which " Limits WebRTC to public IP addresses only." That doesn't seem to be what you're looking for.

The documentation here mentions web features, for example this list which would allow you to disable video/audio capture. Is that what you're looking for?

In that case, it looks like you need to handle the .featurePermissionRequested signal on the QWebEnginePage -- if you do not accept it, it should not be enabled. I can't see how to disable this from the load however.

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