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Problem when using Spyder

Published 30.01.2021

Install PyQt6 on Windows

Install PyQt6 on Windows 10 & 11

Install PySide6 on Windows

Install PySide6 on Windows 10 & 11

QSystemTrayIcon example

Published 15.01.2021

QTimer expectations

Published 14.01.2021

Laying Out Your PyQt6 GUIs With Qt Designer

Use Qt Designer to effortlessly build your application UI

Toggle & AnimatedToggle

Toggle switch Widget QCheckBox replacement

Animating custom widgets with QPropertyAnimation

Add dynamic visual effects to your custom widgets

The QResource System

Using the QResource system to package additional data with your applications

Using QProcess to run external programs

Run background programs without impacting your UI

Add scrollable regions with QScrollArea

Run out of space in your GUI? Add a scrollable region to your application
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