PySide is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt. Applications built with PySide will run on any platform supported by Qt & Python including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

PySide is the official binding for Qt on Python and is now developed by The Qt Company itself.

For a complete guide to desktop application development with Python & PySide, see the PySide tutorial and PySide book Create Simple GUI Applications with Python & Qt.

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Drag & Drop Widgets with PySide6

Sort widgets visually with drag and drop in a container


A Simple Text Input Widget

How Trademarks Affect Open Source Software

How do trademarks relate to copyrights and what are the implications for open source software

Can You Charge for Open-Source Software?

Making Money from Open-Source Projects


Toggleable checkable widget


Add clickable buttons to your Python UI

Which Python GUI library should you use? updated

Comparing the Python GUI libraries available in 2024

Plotting with Matplotlib

Create PySide6 plots with the popular Python plotting library

Plotting with PyQtGraph

Create custom plots in PySide6 with PyQtGraph

Understanding the GPL and "Copyleft"

When Are Two Open Source Software Licenses Incompatible?

The Basics of Software Copyrights

Why Do You Need to Bother With Licensing at All?

PySide2 vs PySide6

What are the differences, and is it time to upgrade?

Drag & Drop Widgets with PySide2

Sort widgets visually with drag and drop in a container

The QResource System

Using the QResource system to package additional data with your applications

Using QProcess to run external programs

Run background programs without impacting your UI

Add scrollable regions with QScrollArea

Run out of space in your GUI? Add a scrollable region to your application

Simple threading in PyQt/PySide apps with .start() of QThreadPool

How to move Python functions/methods & PyQt/PySide slots onto separate threads

Transmitting extra data with Qt Signals

Modifying widget signals to pass contextual information to slots

Embedding custom widgets from Qt Designer

Learn how to use custom widgets in your PySide6 applications when designing with Qt Designer

Creating Dialogs With Qt Designer

Using the drag and drop editor to build PySide6 dialogs

Packaging PySide2 applications for Windows with PyInstaller & InstallForge

Turn your PySide2 application into a distributable installer for Windows
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