PySide2 Qt.TextAlignmentRole bug

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luis | 2020-09-30 16:19:14 UTC | #1

I'm working with the PySide2 edition of the book and I'm not getting the correct alignments in or

It seems to be a PySide2 bug:

I had to change the code from return Qt.AlignVCenter | Qt.AlignRight to return int(QtCore.Qt.AlignRight | QtCore.Qt.AlignVCenter)

edit: my current setup is: Win10, Python 3.8.6 and PySide2 5.15.0

martin | 2020-09-30 16:22:47 UTC | #2

Hi @luis welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the heads up and the workaround -- the handling of these flags is one of the few things really noticeably different between PyQt5 & PySide2 (the two versions of the books differ quite a bit in this chapter) so I'll get a note about this in the next PySide2 update.

Even once it's fixed, this workaround will still be fine, so don't worry about using it in projects.

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PySide2 Qt.TextAlignmentRole bug was written by Martin Fitzpatrick .

Martin Fitzpatrick has been developing Python/Qt apps for 8 years. Building desktop applications to make data-analysis tools more user-friendly, Python was the obvious choice. Starting with Tk, later moving to wxWidgets and finally adopting PyQt.