Getting started with PySide6
Take your first steps building Python & Qt6 apps with PySide6

Like writing any code, building PySide6 applications is all about approaching it in the right way. In the first part of the course we cover the fundamentals necessary to get you building Python GUIs as quickly as possible. By the end of the first part you'll have a running QApplication which we can then customize.

Start with “Creating your first app with PySide6”

Creating your first app with PySide6

A simple Hello World! application with Python and Qt

Signals, Slots & Events

Triggering actions in response to user behaviors and GUI events


Using PySide6's built-in widgets to build your applications

Layout management

Use layouts to effortlessly position widgets within the window

Actions — Toolbars & Menus

Defining toolbars, menus and keyboard shortcuts with QAction

Dialogs and Alerts

Notify your users and ask for their input

Creating additional windows

Opening new windows for your application

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