Create Python GUIs with Python & Qt

PySide is a Python binding of the cross-platform GUI toolkit Qt. Applications built with PySide will run on any platform supported by Qt & Python including Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

PySide is the official binding for Qt on Python and is now developed by The Qt Company itself.

For a complete guide to desktop application development with Python & PySide, see the PySide tutorial and PySide book Create Simple GUI Applications with Python & Qt.

QtWebEngineWidgets, the new browser API in PyQt 5.6

Simplified page model and asynchronous methods

Mozzerella Ashbadger

The first steps building the browser with PyQt5

Adding application Help and About dialogs

Put some finishing touches to your application

Adding navigational controls to a PyQt5 Web Browser

Hook up QAction signals to web browser slots

Open and save HTML in a PyQt5 browser

Adding file dialogs to load and save HTML


A simple API for keeping your PyQt Widgets and config in sync


A color-selector tool for PyQt

PyQt5 support in Matplotlib

Published 27.06.2014
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